Today I,

Today I have let go of everything that stood between me and love.

Today I know that everything is to be out of love only. Today is the day when the memories of this day is filled with gratitude rather than heavy memories.

Today I am unconditional love and everything around me love.

Today I focus on everything that is in front freed from the fight of the past.

Today I close my eyes and know I am enough. Today I create from, with and as love. Today I lean back and feel the support from behind – love holding the back of my heart. Today I lean forward and I am met by love.

Today I let the breath unleash me. Unravel. Untether. Undress me. Today I know that all has changed.

Years of doing becoming being. Heavy weight of disappointments of the past released, thanked, loved and given into, received by the big cup of love beneath my feet.

Today I let the tissue holding fear, anxiety, doubt, judgement go – nothing in the way of all that I am. I am love. Unconditional. Freed and unlimited love. The love I am is the love I create from. The love I am is where the not now moments can dissolve.

Today I free myself of everything. Everything no longer needed.
Today I come home.
Today I take Remembership.
Today the merging happens.

I am love. I have love. I breathe love. I give love and receive love.

Today I whisper slow musings of love to the areas hit and hidden.
Today the tender places longing come to loving belonging.
The ripped, the torn, the non heard feels safe enough to open as love. Safe to know and receive my soft voice saying – I love you. Thank you.

Today “I love you” is no longer a distant reminder but drops of water on the seeds of love.

Today my soul was called homeward and arrived.

Today I give thanks to those who came before.
Today and every day I leave imprints for those coming after – safe havens of love to rest your roots to water, you as well are love. Let us water the seeds, today.

Let us say I love you and tell why.
Let us free ourselves from that which stand between us and love.

Breathing as love today I release and breathe ancestral love.
Today on my Daddy’s being on earth day distant memories of birthdays dancing in the background – today I dance the ancestral dance of love.

Today the ancestral dance of love is all there is. It is love that got us here and love that will take us there…..

Today is the day. Today is!

Audio of the poem & soundscapes (by Luke Howard):

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